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Bible Studies

Come and join us at one of our Bible studies!

*Please note that the groupings are not absolute. Sophomores are welcome at the Junior study, freshmen women from Muir are welcome to come to Revelle women's study, etc.

Time Location Contact
Revelle Freshmen - Men Wednesday 4pm Contact Tony for location Tony Estrada, (714)-866-3179
Revelle Freshmen - Women Thursday 6pm Contact Sarah for location Sarah Nobleza, (562)-896-3738
Muir Freshmen - Men Wednesday 7pm Contact Steven for location Steven Salazar
Muir Freshmen - Women Monday 4:30pm Contact Des for location Desiree Washington, (619)-244-5595
Marshall/ERC Freshmen - Men TBA Contact Henry or Nat Nat See, Henry Than,
Marshall/ERC Freshmen - Women Wednesday 7:15pm Contact Sabrina for location Sabrina Tuell
Warren Freshmen - Men Wednesday 5pm Contact Harlan for location Harlan Maass
Warren Freshmen - Women Tuesday 4:30pm Contact Claire for location Claire Colinco, (909)-971-7679
Sixth Freshmen - Men Join Revelle Men
Sixth Freshmen - Women Tuesday 8:15pm Foodworx Rachel Lim, (858)-382-4010
Sophomores - Co-ed Wednesday 6pm Price Center Mural Room Moses and Laura Kodur
Juniors - Co-ed Thursday 9:30pm University Lutheran Church Jonathan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald
Seniors - Co-ed Wednesday 8:30pm Chick-Fil-A Sorrento Valley Tim Chou

For other general information about Bible studies, contact Tilon Pervenecki, (561)-310-7366